Busy daddy has a reunion tonight with his fellow ex-Condé Nast peeps, so it was just me and the boy for dinner. I asked the boy what he wanted to eat, and he said, “Thai.” So we had Thai eats.

At dinner, apropos nothing in particular, the boy said to me, “Dad, you should get a job working at Schmoogle.” And I said, Why do you think that? And the boy said, “I dunno. It just seems like it would be cool to work at Schmoogle.” And I said, I guess it depends on what you think is cool. And the boy said, “Schmoogle is cool.” And I said, Whatevs.

Then the boy asked me, “Dad, what kind of job can people have where they don’t have to work very hard but they still make a lot of money?” And I said, I don’t think a job like that exists. And the boy said, “Well, if it did, that’s the job you should get!” And I said, Actually, I like working hard. And the boy said, “Yeah, I know, you like to work hard, obvs.”

And I said, Well, one day my full-time job will be staying at home and taking care of you and your baby brother or sister. And the boy said, “I can’t wait until you get that job!!!” And I said, You and me both, kid!!!

  1. electradaddy said: I can’t wait either. Hoping it’s soon.
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