For shizz and giggz, I took the boy to the local Eyeglass Emporium to try on some different frames since the glasses we ordered from the local optometrist shop are about as hi-fashion as the Spring Collection from Coldwater Creek. The boy was positively ecstatic about trying on new eyeglasses. And by ecstatic, I mean he would have preferred to have each of his nails ripped from each of his fingers.

  1. electradaddy said: Ha!
  2. eighttimesover said: not sure who’s face is funnier. the boy in the second picture, or the guy in the first one.
  3. ourlittleseattlefamily said: He’s a mini-you :P
  4. imfeelingrandy said: That man is too happy about those frames. It’s obvious they’re marked up an extra 5%.
  5. lazydad posted this
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