Despite a pretty brutal workload at the office over the past few days, I’ve been trying to make a more concerted effort to spend quality time with my kid. This means letting go of whatever work-related shizz that’s occupying my mind and being more present when my kid is around. Even if I still have work to do, but after dinner my kid wants me to help him build the Chima LEGO set that he got for his birthday weeks ago that I promised to help build but haven’t had time to do so, I’ll do it.

Spending time with the boy is great, obvs, and in between epic LEGO battles, I get to gather some useful intelligence about what’s going on in his life. Like, I learned that one of his creepy classmates—the one who’s mother doesn’t “approve” of our “lifestyle”—has been asking for playdates, even though creepy classmate tells my son that his creepy mom doesn’t “approve” of the boy’s dads. The boy said, “That’s inappropriate to say, right?” And I said, What’s truly inappropriate is creepy classmate’s mom’s terrible taste in shoes and her unfortunate hairdo.”

As much as I want to flat out tell the boy that his creepy classmate and his bigoted mother deserve to be punched in the face, I simply tell the boy to ignore them. But seriously, creepy classmate is hard to ignore because, well, he’s super-creepy (I’ll spare the details) and creepy mom is equally hard to ignore because even though the 1990s are over,  she apparently never got the memo, as evidenced by her wardrobe choices and perm.

I also learned that the boy has expanded his future career options to include: nurse, dentist, rocket scientist, fireman, police officer, and house painter. As long as the boy goes to a tier-one or tier-two graduate school, I don’t really care what he does for a living. As long as he’s happy and healthy, obvs.

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