While I had a super-busy day at work, doing Very Important busy business lady shizz, the boy had an afternoon playdate with his pal Quinn, which ended up at our town pool (versus our regular pool at the gym in Uppityville). 

After work, I stopped by the pool to pick up the boy, but he said he wasn’t done playing, so I let him splash around for a bit longer.

Quinn’s family also went to culture camp, so the boy got to spend some time with her over the weekend. Busy daddy and I were talking to Quinn’s mom the other day, and we were all saying that we hope the boy and Quinn are friends their whole lives. And Quinn’s mom said, “I hope they go to prom together!” And I was all, Totes!

  1. electradaddy said: Wait. Gay parents can raise straight kids? No way. Because, of course, straight parents only raise straight kids or something. #crazyshithaterssay
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