Since I was in the city for some meetings this morning, I met busy daddy for a quik-e birthday lunch at one of his favorite restaurants near his studio. It’s been awhile since we’ve spent time together without the boy, so our lunch date was a little bit like our first date where we just stared at each other awkwardly and ate a lot of carbs. I’m kidding! We didn’t eat any carbs, silly! I ditched the bun on my burger as soon as I got it, sheesh.

After lunch we ran into some peeps on 10th Avenue who live in the same suburb that we do, and they were apparently at the same restaurant celebrating one of the spouse’s birthday. A weird coincidence, amirite?

As we were walking back to busy daddy’s studio, minding our own beeswax, we spied Katie Holmes walking down the street with an arm-ful of shopping bags. Busy daddy was all, “That was Katie Holmes!” And I was all, Whatevs. And busy daddy was all, “She looks so much taller in person.” And I was all, But she still has the same sad, dead, Scientology-infected eyes from US Weekly.

And busy daddy was all, “Why you gotta be such a downer, yo?” And I was all, Who cares about Katie Holmes? I only have sad, dead, Scientology-infected eyes for you, babe. And busy daddy was all, “That’s so sweet-slash-totes deranged.” And I was all, I’m just romantical like that. And busy daddy was all, “Best Birthday Lunch Ever.”

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