Not that we’re on the market for a new car or anything, but since we were already at the Uppityville mall, we decided to check out the Tesla Motors store. If you’ve never seen one of these high-end, all-electric cars in person, you need to check ‘em out! They are gorgeous! And the store is like the Apple store, only they sell super-expensive cars and car accessories instead of super-expensive computers and computer accessories! So if you have, like, $100K burning a hole in your Gucci purse, go buy one!!! I’m talking to you, designing daddy.

My company may or may not have created the service design for Tesla, including the store experience and digital kiosks, and I may or may not get a kickback for every car sold through the store, so whatevs. I’m kidding! I don’t get a kickback, JK. Not really. LOL. No, but really, go buy one of these cars!!!

  1. sunsaturatedsidethoughts said: They’re so sexy. My husband is slightly infatuated, and I understand. He has my blessing.
  2. radioraheem said: There only like 60k really. I just don’t like the 230 miles then charge. Wait til the US has more charging stations.
  3. beingethan said: Such cool cars. My friend’s dad preordered one. I feel like I’m in a spaceship when I get to ride in it.
  4. generxdad said: im so jealous
  5. lazydad posted this
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