I have it on good authority that today is Chinese New Year. And by good authority, I mean my mother, who knows of such things, and by Chinese New Year, I mean the start of the Lunar Year of the Water Snake. Just yesterday I asked busy daddy if we had accidentally missed Chinese New Year and he said, “How am I supposed to know? You’re the resident Chinese person in our family.” And I was all, Oh. No. You. Didn’t. But then I realized that busy daddy was totes correct.

The Busy-Lazy boys usually try to get dim sum on Chinese New Year, but when we arrived at the Szechuan joint where we’ve had dim sum in the past, it turns out that they don’t do dim sum anymore. Wut!?! But no matter. We ordered a bunch of dishes, including ma po tofu (my favorite) and Peking Duck (which was delicious).

While the food was pretty good, it didn’t hit the spot like some good dim sum would have hit the spot. Also, the service at the restaurant was atrociously slow and absentminded. I don’t understand why Chinese eats are so badĀ in the northeastĀ compared to Chinese eats on the west coast. I’m coming to the slow, sad realization that I don’t really like Chinese eats as much as I like Vietnamese eats or Korean eats. Sorry, mom.

  1. electradaddy said: I really try to eat reasonably & responsibly & limit excessive cupcake consumption to times of alternate law. But, I lost all control when one of our friends dropped off some Chinese food creations yesterday. Heaven!
  2. keraunoscopia said: West coast is better because the vast majority of Chinese immigrants originally came through Angel island instead of Ellis, which means there were larger populations that settled on the west coast.
  3. photolodico said: I miss good Vietnamese food so much… or generally any quality Asian food. MAKING ME HUNGRY! (I used to live in DC.)
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