Hey lazy dad! Hypothetically, if you were a hypothetical irritating tourist from Los Angeles, hypothetically named Michelle, where would you hypothetically get pizza? The hypothetical, cheeses gooey kind

Hi Michelle! I know this is going to be sacrilege, but I hate don’t care for New York-style pizza. I’d rather eat shoe leather than eat a New York slice. Shoe leather would taste better.

I’m a Chicago-style pizza guy. Because if I’m gonna eat pizza, I want it to be 63 percent cheese, 20 percent sausage, and 17 percent crust. New York pizza is, like, 94 percent crust, which is obvs the worst part of pizza.

Oddly, the best New York-style pizza that I actually enjoy is in the suburbs. If I was forced to name palatable pizza joints in the city, I’d say maybe this place or this place? Busy daddy recommends this place, but fair warning: it’s a fancy, frou-frou pizza joint, which is apparently the only kind of pizza busy daddy will eat. Because he’s fancy and stuff.

BTW, welcome to NYC! You’ll quickly discover that everyone here sucks! Enjoy!

  1. thekidhasarrived said: Whaaat?! You are tripping with your choices. Totonnos, Roberta’s, Di Faro’s…although all three mean a trip to Brooklyn. I do have a soft spot in my heart for Chicago-style pizza though, can’t lie.
  2. butdadsaid said: Weird how the best NY pie is in NJ, but it’s true
  3. felinedacat said: As a British tourist to New York, I had the best pizza I have ever had the pleasure to eat at forcellaeatery.com in Brooklyn! Possibly as good as the pizza in Naples, Italy. We were also recommended Artichoke Pizza near the High Line :)
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