At the ceramic place in Uppityville, busy daddy asked the nice ladies at the counter if the ceramic pieces we painted last weekend were ready. She asked busy daddy what name the group was under, and he told her. She went to the back room and couldn’t find the pieces. Then busy daddy said it might be under my name. The lady went to check and they weren’t. Then another lady said it’s under the first name that busy daddy gave. And sure enough, they were. 

Good luck to the boy who will spend his entire life spelling out his last name to everypony. Because even when we spell it out, nopony believes it’s spelled correctly. It’s like people want to tell us that our own name is misspelled. 

The boy asked me to take a pic of the ceramic tiles of an archer and a knight. I asked him what he wanted to do with the pics. The boy said, “I don’t know. You could put it on your blog?” So that’s what I’m doing.

BTW, last Father’s Day, punkdad sent a nice gift box to me and designing daddy, addressed to the Designing-Business family’s lovely Sun Shack. Last weekend, designing daddy finally remembered to give it to me. It included a Detroit Tigers t-shirt, which I wore today!

A belated thank you, Nathan! Gosh, I guess you can blame designing daddy for holding your gift hostage for the past three months.

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