Meanwhile, busy daddy got to satiate his baby fever by hanging out with a bunch of adorbz hapa babies. Seriously, it was like every kid there was at least half Asian. And everypony knows that half-Asian babies are Too Cute for Words.

The birthday boy and his brother are half Greek and half Korean, and they were easily the cutest kids on the block.

  1. auntaniesweird said: Yessss to mixed asian babies being made of adorable.
  2. viaukraine said: I 100% agree half Asians are the cutest.
  3. mywildloves said: You have it all wrong. Everypony knows that all half-Greek babies are Too Cute For Words… just saying… ehem… (points at self)
  4. thecynicalcrayon said: Awwwww…. soooooo cute :)
  5. lazydad posted this
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