The problem with going to the LEGO store is 1) it’s often overcrowded with crazy kids and even crazier parents who think they run the place and 2) the boy pretty much already has every single Star Wars and Ninjago set currently available, so we usually don’t get anything while we’re there.

LEGO is coming out with a new LEGO Marvel series, so we were hoping that we’d see some of them in real life, but the guy at the store said they wouldn’t be available for another month. He did, however, give us a protip: apparently the big box chains like Toys R Us and Target will likely get the LEGO Marvel sets before the LEGO store gets them. First, W00t! Second, weird, right? Seems like LEGO would want to give us more reasons to go to their stores first, amirite?

Oh yeah, upon designing daddy's recommendation, we went to Joe Fresh to check it out. Busy daddy got a few v-neck t-shirts and I got a couple of blue polo shirts. Because it's not like busy daddy doesn't already have, like, 50 v-neck t-shirts. And obvs I can never have too many blue polo shirts. Especially if they are only 12 bucks apiece!

  1. martiniqueeny said: We just completed the Ninjagos. I thought I’d have more time between a new series. Lego is killin me.
  2. thesassyprince said: toys r us already does have them. i was ringing them up this week :) Buy 1 get one 50% off until Saturday
  3. pieconspiracy said: Wait, what? Why doesn’t the Lego Store get them first? Also, I’m completely addicted to the Joe Fresh kids clothes. The grocery store I go to has a JF clothes section, and I can’t help but buy a shirt when it’s $5.
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