Because my meal on Sunday was so amazingly spectacular and because I am a creature of habit, I went back to Scarpetta for dinner last night. Both my busy business lady colleague and I got the five-course tasting menu, only he got the wine pairing as well. I was trying to be cool and discreet, and not at all like the yokel that I am, so I fumbled with picture taking. Too bad the photos are so bad-slash-dark. The food was achingly sublime. Each successive plate got better and better. It just kept coming and coming. And there were three desserts! #winning

  1. remember-thelight said: A+ captions!
  2. mediocremommy said: you are making me really hungry.
  3. felinedacat said: That looks delish! Even when I am pretending to be a posh busy business lady, I will whip out a camera and take photos of food. Cos I’m Asian, innit.
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