Why so lazy?

I always knew I wanted to be a dad.

When I was 12-and-a-half years old, my parents sent me to boarding school, and at the campus bookstore, I bought a ceramic mug that I planned to give to my kid one day.

I carried the mug with me across the country, from high school to college to grad school and beyond.

I’ve had 17 different addresses in as many years, in almost as many cities.

Busy daddy and I were set up on a blind date in grad school, and on our first official date, we both said we wanted to have a kid … one day.

Fast forward many years, and busy daddy and I adopted our amazing son.

The boy is now five seven years old going on 24 35. He sometimes has soup in the mug that I bought for him all those years ago.

I like cooking, reading, quilting, chewing gum, pie and ice cream. Truthfully, I don’t really like to read. I think people say they like to read so that they can sound smart or interesting. Sorry about that fib. I don’t like to read because I think I might be mildly illiterate. Not “Nell” illiterate, but at least Fantasia Barrino illiterate.

I’ve become sort of boring since I stopped smoking and drinking. I am, however, a much nicer person. And I don’t swear as much. Or make people cry at work (at least not on purpose anymore).

I used to be a playwright and I’ve written about two dozen plays, about five of them that I’m really proud of. I like “straight” plays but I can’t stand musicals (even though people always want to talk to me about musicals, which I know nothing about except that I don’t like them).

I have the greatest day job I can imagine (and I’m required by corporate policy to state that my personal blog in no way reflects the opinions or positions of my employer). But really the best job I will ever have is being dad to my son. I hope one day to land that gig full-time.

I’m actually not all that lazy. Since becoming a father, I’ve realized that it takes a lot of work to be a lazy dad.

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